“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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Recent tinnitus research indicates that effectively addressing this condition needs to include easing an individual’s STRESS-RELATED ISSUES, both emotional and physical.


Furthermore, it has become evident that tinnitus is driven by a BRAINWAVE IMBALANCE that, once corrected, can help relieve symptoms.


Making use of the Being In Harmony techniques, we approach tinnitus from a wholistic point of view to support stress relief and brainwave self-optimization. Our accent is on significantly improving SELF-CARE by teaching people profound, yet easy methods that take only a few minutes a day to use.


In our thirty years of expertise in working with stress and tinnitus, as well as pain relief, we have discovered that the three main ingredients are:

  1. … practicing REGULAR SELF-CARE TECHNIQUES that are enjoyable and can be integrated easily into the daily routine. Permanent, sustainable relief requires personal involvement that gives the individual an experience of real progress.
  2. … learning how to RELEASE TENSION in the lower back and upper body (shoulders, neck, head and jaw). This involves a few simple breathing exercises and enhancing inner body awareness (including the ability to focus on key muscle groups).
  3. … learning the basics of BRAINWAVE SELF-OPTIMIZATION to restore patterns of harmony that allow the brain to function at its most effective level. Also surprisingly easy, this involves ways of focusing attention so that brainwave states can be monitored and shifted.


Every person’s experience of tinnitus and the underlying stress condition (physical and emotional) is unique. If our approach sounds like something you’ve been looking for, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION to find out if we can be of service in helping you find relief.




Set up your free consultation today, by emailing Info@LaurelEmrys.com, or call (734) 276-4675.


DISCLAIMER: Being In Harmony sessions, events, and materials do not diagnose or treat any condition or perform any other medical or psychological function. They are for educational and entertainment purposes only. For medical or psychological assistance, consult a qualified doctor or practitioner. Laurel Emrys accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information from use of any Being In Harmony offerings.