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Also known as Irish Whistles, I am selling a matched set of low D, low E, low Eb whistles, made by Pat O’Riordan. Below is a quote from the Chiff & Fipple (the best pennywhistle site going) which explains why these instruments that I’m selling cost so much.

That said, these whistles are for the deeply committed enthusiast and/or professional musician, given their price. But even more than the money, it’s about the fact that they are simply among the very best whistles in the world. If you don’t believe me, listen to one of Joanie Madden’s recordings and weep. She is playing mostly O’Riordans on her albums and she connected me up with Pat back in the day, which is how I ended up with these great whistles.

Besides the below review, you’ll see some pictures of the instruments I am selling. These whistles are a set: one headjoint, three bodies + one lower foot joint. They are tunable. The material is black anodized metal. They are in perfect condition, very little use at all. The footjoint is detachable and fits equally well on either of the additional bodies (the E and Eb bodies). The whistle set was made for me (by Pat O’Riordan) around 2005/2006. These particular whistles are truly gorgeous sounding, however the low D/E/Eb is really too big for me; I cannot play them easily (I’m small, 5’2″). Hence, this is the reason why I am selling them.

I’m only selling them as a set.The price for the set is $2250 + shipping/insurance. TO PURCHASE: email me directly at Info@LaurelEmrys.com.

REVIEW FROM THE CHIFF & FIPPLE: “Pat O’Riordan makes a wide variety of whistles from a variety of materials.  PAT O’RIORDAN HAS A LONG WAITING LIST AND I AM HEARING THAT HE HAS STOPPED TAKING NEW ORDERS.  Put bluntly, in my opinion, no one makes finer whistles than Pat O’Riordan.   He is one of the most beloved figures in the tinwhistle community.  To my knowledge, his whistles are only available directly from Pat with long waiting list. I hear 16-months to 2 years.  Best known as the whistles played by Joanie Madden. On 7/4/97 I received the following e-mail from Judith Lindenau: The traditional model is “thick-walled, and feels substantial in my hands…and the design makes chromatic cross-fingerings fairly easy. The holes are large (I like that). Sound Characteristics: It’s clear, and quite sweet. No breathiness. Quite responsive, particularly in the upper register. I think the low D note is not as solid as I would like, but it’s much better than any other whistle I’ve tried, with the exception of the Susato. I acquired an O’Riordan D/C set. Unfortunately, I had to kill a man to get it. I love it. I acquired, by way of an anonymous benefactor of Chiff & Fipple, an O’Riordan Low A made of Delrin with metal rings.  It’s astoundingly beautiful to eyes and ears.”

2-Low D-E-Eb Headjoint

1-Low D-E-Eb

3-Low D-E-Eb