“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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Discover brainwave bliss—a major component of Being In Harmony!

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BrainFlex™ effectively serves to help you rewire your own brain. Bringing 35 years of intensive mentorship with many of the greatest leaders in the wellness field, Emrys has created some of the best tools available to incisively identify what is holding you back and shift those problems into solutions.

     — Michael Meuth L.Ac., CAN, Brainwave Optimization™ practitioner




BrainFlex™ is a series of techniques to self-optimize your brainwave patterns, i.e. promote harmony and balance within. The techniques, when used in conjunction with Being In Harmony sound-ampowerment, offer efficient, practical and easily-implemented ways to enhance the productivity and enjoyment of your daily life.


You will learn how to shift out of habitual “fight/flight/freeze” conflict states and into a profound sensing of inner unity—opening your pathways to feeling good again, emotionally and physically.


No equipment necessary! In BrainFlex, we refer to this opportunity to cultivate natural, deeply satisfying skills as “self-optimization.” Discover how to utilize conscious focus to make dynamically-charged, harmonious connections between your body and mind.





The BrainFlex™ method provides a comprehensive range of services that address peoples’ individualized needs for developing effective, nurturing self-care practices. This forms the basis for one’s facility in brainwave self-optimization.


BrainFlex™ techniques span three levels of coaching and include the innovative modalities of Resonant Core Tuning, Quick Consciousness Clearing, and the Daily Bliss Project. Each of these techniques focuses on self-care plus self-optimization protocols that contribute to harmonious balance. They can transform your life.


BrainFlex™ defines self-care as being sensitively responsive to your physical and emotional needs. And BrainFlex™ defines self-optimization as a vital component of self-care where you learn how to modulate the flow of your brainwave patterns for optimum harmony and balance within your system, in any given moment. When coupled with gaining the tools to attend competently to these needs, brainwave self-optimization becomes easy. However, self-care does not require that you go it alone. Indeed, when you become confident of your capacity for self-optimization, then you can receive even greater benefit from the support of other qualified practitioners.


Furthermore, while BrainFlex™ can enhance value for a wide variety of clients, adding this method to Being In Harmony sound-empowerment is a tremendous boost for those dealing with chronic issues. In these situations, harmonizing your brainwaves to develop quality self-care and self-optimization can be a key factor in creating real-life shifts when, in the past, nothing else has seemed to work.



It’s not so much what she does, as how she does it. Laurel has a gift for tuning-in to people and situations that gets right to the heart of the matter and makes a real difference… way beyond by-the-book coaching methods.

      — Louis Kyle, Senior Marketing Director, Johnston & Associates

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The pain in my shoulders and neck is almost completely gone now. I wasn’t sure I’d ever feel like this again.

Susan Markels, professional musician










  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Immune system conditions
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Depression
  • Dysfunctional relationships
  • Eating disorders
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hypertension
  • Low energy & vitality
  • Learning difficulties
  • Memory challenges
  • Obsessive thinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Performance fears
  • Poor concentration
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Unhappiness
  • Workaholic tendencies

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  • Sessions are conducted in-person, by telephone, and by webcam.
  • For your convenience, a comprehensive book about the BrainFlex™ method is available (PDF format).



To purchase BrainFlex products and services, email Info@LaurelEmrys.com.

  • BrainFlex eBook: $20
  • The BrainFlex eBook is a must-have companion for anyone who is receiving BrainFlex sessions.
  • The eBook discusses, in depth, the theory and practice of being able to shift out of brainwave states that lead to conflict and confusion… and into states of harmonious balance and fusion (oneness).
  • Also, this eBook will be of great interest to anyone who chooses to enhance their self-care and would like to tap into the power of brainwave-shifting for pain relief and personal growth.   


Who would have thought that learning about brainwaves could be so fascinating? Yet it is, because I’m understanding so much better what’s going on inside of me. I’ve tried so many things to ease my lower back pain, and these (BrainFlex™) techniques are really getting me unstuck! I’m falling in love with my brain in a whole new way.

     — Marianne Goldsmith, mother and athlete








BrainFlex™, created by Laurel Emrys, is a program of brainwave training, for the purpose of cultivating brainwave self-care and brainwave self-optimization. The program consists of three master techniques, each designed to facilitate a key skill in brainwave self-care/optimization proficiency.



Modern science is increasingly capable of demonstrating how working at the brainwave level to resolve physical and emotional issues can provide tremendous benefits. Your brainwave patterns—the presence or lack of harmoniously balanced brainwaves—determine how you feel emotionally, your level of vitality, immune strength, the degree of pain or ease in your body, your ability to process information and learn, and even the quality of your happiness and joy of life. That’s why we love to address inner wellness from the point of view of brainwave function—especially when we desire fast, permanent, and progressive outcomes.



Self-care involves being able and willing to respond sensitively and effectively to your needs for maintaining the harmonious balance of your physical, mental/emotional and energetic systems. Taking responsibility for your own self-care is a bottom line for all forms of inner harmony and restoring vital health. When dealing with issues of chronic physical or emotional pain, developing self-care can be the crucial step to success. However, good self-care doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Indeed, you will find that with improved self-care you get much greater benefit from other qualified healthcare professionals.



Brainwave self-care is a dynamic process of learning how to tune-in to your own brainwave patterns and restore them to a state of harmonious balance. You will learn how to do this by using simple, yet profound techniques that are based on your innate ability to develop inner body awareness, use transformative breathing techniques, tap into the powerful self-care qualities of sound, and focus your attention in ways that promote wellness rather than conflict or confusion in your brainwave patterns.



Using the BrainFlex method, brainwave self-optimization can readily be accomplished through the use of breath, core-muscle movement, conscious focus, and sound-empowerment. Self-optimizing brainwave patterns involves rewiring the brain so that the predominant flow of brainwaves produced are harmonious and balanced in their overall makeup. There are many ways that you can self-optimize your brainwaves, such as through meditation, yoga, qigong, T’ai Chi, emotional release techniques, sexuality, etc. The BrainFlex™ method is designed to impart the knowledge and skills for cultivating brainwave self-care, and when these are practiced on a consistent basis they lead to being able to optimize your own brainwaves. This is brainwave self-optimization. The value of self-optimizing your brainwaves is that when they are optimized—flowing with maximum harmony and balance for your system in any given moment—you are more likely to experience increased physical and emotional comfort, ease, productivity and wellness.



Resonant Core Tuning is the first master technique of BrainFlex™. This technique addresses the physical and bodily aspects of brainwave self-care, imparting knowledge and skills that allow you to develop inner body awareness. All permanent self-empowerment gains require a firm foundation—being grounded on sensing the presence of goodness and love in the body.



Quick Consciousness Clearing is the second master technique of BrainFlex™. This technique addresses the emotional and mental aspects of brainwave self-care, allowing you to release, process and resolve problematic issues. Self-care that is based on cultivating a clear experience of being centered in your own being while surrounded by love, opens the way for you to feel relaxed and focused in healthy and productive ways.



The Daily Bliss Project is the third master technique of BrainFlex™. This technique addresses the energetic and Cosmic (spiritual) aspects of brainwave self-care, bringing the resonance of love into your daily routine. You will develop a skill set that allows you to enjoy everyday activities and accomplish what matters most to you, while reaping the great rewards of experiencing harmonious and balanced brainwave states, no matter what you are doing.



Chronic physical and emotional issues seem to have a life of their own. They do, indeed, require specialized awareness in order to successfully, permanently resolve. Many well-meaning and highly qualified practitioners are not aware of the key ingredients necessary to accomplish this important task. In the BrainFlex™ method, we focus on helping you to understand how you, uniquely, can move beyond being stuck in pain cycles, or lost in emotional conflict and confusion.



ABOUT LAUREL EMRYS, Innovator of the BrainFlex method:

Laurel Emrys has been delving into systems for self-care since the early 1970’s when she first developed searing pain in her lower back, shoulders and neck. Her journey from victim to personal mastery has not only been a long one, it’s been a surprisingly satisfying one as well. From curse to gift, the pain in her body became a master teacher–a bottom line that required her study mind, body and energy balancing modalities in search of ways to relieve the pain. Only nothing did, not even for a few seconds… until she was introduced to Dr. Les Fehmi’s Open Focus work, which is a brainwave-based series of exercises that develop your ability to sense your inner body and restore harmonious balance. Needless to say, it caught Laurel’s attention when this became the first practice she encountered that, indeed, was able to move her from pain into pleasure, often in just a few minutes.

Over the years, Laurel became increasingly adept at refining various modes of diet, exercise, emotional and insight-related counseling, as well as Qigong, yoga, the I Ching, herbal medicine, and a strong spiritual practice. These are the basis of her self-care routine, and good self-care leads to self-compassion. The truth is that Laurel has not relied on the medical industry her entire adult life, rarely even visiting a doctor, to maintain her high level of health and overall wellness. That’s what a strong self-care practice can do for you! And, with the advent of creating the BrainFlex modality, the pain in her body is down by about 90% these days. After almost forty years of constant pain, she is deeply grateful for this result; it is the foundation for her consulting work as a BrainFlex facilitator.

For Laurel, one of the satisfying aspects of creating BrainFlex—besides how effective it is for pain relief—is that it has allowed her to make use of all parts of her life experience, which includes being a musician and consultant. Thus, the method has an unusually rich scope as its basis, with the power of sound being a key element that been built into the system. Laurel’s background as a teacher also come into play, imbuing BrainFlex with practices that allow for self-communication at a highly refined and incisive level, always a necessary component of productive self-care.


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