“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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Welcome to ATTUNEMENT OPPOR-TUNE-ITY sessions …

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DISCOVER THE JOY OF ATTUNING YOURSELF TO THE QUANTUM FIELD OF INFINITE POSSIBILITY! Being In Harmony attunement sessions are now available via email. Receive illuminating support and personalized expert insights, based on the specific frequencies you currently require for optimum wellness. Now you can benefit from Being In Harmony, at a fraction of the cost of having private sessions. Created by Laurel Emrys, she facilitates awakening the creative power of sound in peoples’ everyday lives. This frees them to utilize simple, pleasurable techniques for the purpose of enhancing physical wellbeing, emotional fulfillment, and energetic resonance.

Here’s what you will receive each month …

  • You’ll receive a monthly email session from Laurel.
    • Each session includes valuable information about how to make use of the creative power of sound in your daily life, in the form of two different kinds of attunements.
  • The two forms of Being In Harmony attunements are:
    • Foundational attunements
    • Targeted attunements

About the two forms of attunements …

  • Foundational attunements:
    • Each month, Laurel focuses sequentially on one of the twelve archetypal foundational attunements (see list below) and recommends the use of a specific frequency (musical note) to help resolve or clarify this issue.
    • The archetypal qualities of foundational attunements identify the twelve key areas of human existence that affect each of us in our daily lives.
      • However (and this is an important distinction), the specific frequency that promotes coming into harmony in regard to each foundational attunement issue will vary from person to person.
      • For instance, when addressing foundational attunement #1, the musical note of C might work best for you, whereas for someone else the frequency of B might be best.
  • Targeted attunements:
    • Each month, Laurel addresses one of your personal issues (either submitted by you, or intuited by Laurel) and recommends the use of a specific frequency to help resolve or clarify this issue.
      • See below for how to submit your requests.
  • How Laurel identifies the precise frequency for your attunements:
    • She employs her extensive background as a highly sensitive and knowledgeable consultant who has given thousands of sessions, assisting people through brainwave optimization techniques, counseling strategies, astrological readings, empathic sensing, and the creative power of sound.
  • How you can make use of the information you receive:
    • The short answer is, listen to the specific frequency/frequencies that Laurel identifies for you in your attunement sessions.
    • You can do this most easily by listening to the corresponding tracks in the BodyKeys recording.
    • Also, you can learn a lot more by reading the eBook. There is a whole chapter devoted to discussing the various ways to make the most effective use of each attunement.

How to sign up for the Attunement Oppor-tune-ity sessions …

  • Sessions are available by three-month subscription.
  • Subscription cost:
    • Your investment is $75 per (three-month) subscription.
    • If you sign up within one week of having a private session or attending a group event you will receive 10% off your first subscription.
  • To order, email Info@LaurelEmrys.com
    • … letting Laurel know you’d like to subscribe.

There are several additional ways to enhance your benefits and support …

  • Read the eBook, Being In Harmony ($10).
    • This book gives you detailed information about how to make use of the techniques, concepts and your attunement sessions.
  • Listen to the BodyKeys recording ($20).
    • This Being In Harmony recording includes separate tracks, each of which is a single frequency accompanied by rich tones.
    • It’s perfect for people who want to listen to the specific frequencies recommended in their foundational or targeted attunements.
    • BodyKeys is a Full-Frequency Harmonics™ recording (see below).
  • Submit requests for your targeted attunements (no additional charge).
    • Send a monthly email discussing your current situation and issues.
  • Attend a group Being In Harmony event (usually 2 hours, price varies).
    • Go to www.BeingInHarmony.us to find out when the next event is scheduled.
    • Events are relaxing, transporting and fun! They include music, information about the creative power of sound, and interactive transformational explorations.
    • Participants receive one foundational attunement during some (but not all) events.
  • Have a private Being In Harmony session ($45 for a 30-minute session).
    • Sessions are available in-person (West side of Ann Arbor) or by telephone and Internet.
    • Private sessions include deeper exploration of your situation and issues.
    • Participants may request to receive foundational and/or targeted attunements during the course of a private session.

The Twelve FOUNDATIONAL Attunements are…

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your ESSENCE.

May you “wake up laughing” to celebrate the authenticity of who you are.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your EMOTIONS.

May your feelings flow, express and richly nourish the goodness of each moment.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your MIND.

May you remember and communicate the bliss of Consciousness in everyday life.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your RELATIONSHIPS.

May you relax into the pleasure of comfortably intimate and loving connections.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your ACTIONS.

May that which you do be founded in who you are and fulfill your heart’s desires.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your AWARENESS.

May you trust new experiences to be easeful, guided, expanding, and ever joyful.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your WISDOM.

May you embody nurturing lessons that ground you in the reality that all is well.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your INTUITION.

May clear, resonant insight connect your mind to the Source of all truth.

  1. _______ is the note that harmonizes your HEART.

May you surrender to being a radiant channel of uplifting love and compassion.

10. _______ is the note that harmonizes your EVOLUTION.

May transformative fusion shift you into an empowering dance of uniting paradox.

11. _______ is the note that harmonizes your FUTURE.

May your past bless your future, creating abundant visions of shining success.

 12._______ is the note that harmonizes your HEALING.

May you give and receive gifts that open your heart to vitalize yourself and others.

What Being In Harmony and personal attunement is all about …

  • Being in harmony involves coming into loving, dynamic relational attunement within yourself, with others in the world, and with the Cosmos (God, spirit, the Tao, All That Is, whatever term you prefer to describe a higher power).
  • The concepts and techniques employ frequency, tuning and resonance as transformative elements that allow you to tap into the creative aspects of sound-power and use them, directly and personally, to enrich your daily life.
    • This is due to the fact that the structure of the human system and the structure of sound (i.e. music theory) closely mirror each other.
    • Thus, by grasping the significance of this physical/metaphysical correspondence, plus mastering techniques to put this relationship into action, you can literally restore wholeness (resonance) to your system. Wholeness is a necessary condition for all self-healing states.
  • Based on both the art and science of vibrational reality, Being In Harmony techniques support you in discovering how to bring mind, body and spirit into harmonious balance.
    • You learn how to optimize brainwave patterns which, in turn, activate the immune system for empowered, effective and inspired self-care.
  • The Being In Harmony system of foundational and targeted attunements promote optimum wellness through the principal of Full-Frequency Harmonics™.
    • There are twelve frequencies, each of which contribute their unique and indispensable attributes to your wholeness, thereby restoring the necessary connections within yourself to activate effective self-care.
    • Furthermore, while their qualities are constant, their effects on your individual system are variable.
      • In other words, how a specific frequency affects you is a result of its relationship to your unique makeup and circumstances.
    • Laurel created Full-Frequency Harmonics™ recordings in order to fill a need, because in daily life you have rarely, if ever, had the opportunity to hear the full range of all twelve keys. (In music theory, keys are a series of frequencies arranged in coherent patterns or scales).
      • That’s because music is typically played in a limited range of keys.
  • When you understand how sound interacts with your unique system—i.e. which specific frequencies strengthen you to resolve certain issues—this knowledge can make a major contribution to your vitality, happiness and success.
    • Thus, the structure of Being In Harmony attunements include both the foundational and targeted forms, so that a deep level of self-healing is possible for everyone, in regard to our archetypal and uniquely personalized issues.
    • To learn more about the theory and practice of Being In Harmony, you can read the eBook, have a private session, or attend a group event.
DISCLAIMER: Being In Harmony sessions, events, and materials do not diagnose or treat any condition or perform any other medical or psychological function. They are for educational and entertainment purposes only. For medical or psychological assistance, consult a qualified doctor or practitioner. Laurel Emrys accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information from use of any Being In Harmony offerings.

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