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PENNYWHISTLES FOR SALE: To purchase, send email to Info@LaurelEmrys.com.


I have two rare and wonderful whistles for sale right now, from my personal collection. Made by Pat O’Riordan, the maker of choice by Joanie Madden and other great players, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to purchase instruments like these elsewhere. And though the price might seem high for a pennywhistle, it’s low for an O’Riodan. Look at past sales on eBay to discover that these whistles have often gone for $1,000+.

DESCRIPTION: The C whistle has a black headjoint and the body is of striped exotic hardwood—either rosewood or paduk (sorry, I’m not sure which). The whistle is very beautiful and in almost new condition, barely played. It’s tuneable and has a great sound. $575 + shipping.

DESCRIPTION: The G whistle is made of anodized black metal, in also in like-new condition. It is also tuneable, and an exceptionally fine instrument. $590 + shipping.

To contact me for more information or to purchase, please click on either of these to use the Contact Form, or email me at Info@Laurelemrys.com. Thanks!

Wood O'r-1
Wooden C Whistle


O'Riordan G-2
Metal G Whistle