“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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Laurel Emrys offers a full-spectrum of unique, effective and profound Being In Harmony  services. Discover how to enrich your life … through the creative power of sound!






The art and science of BEING IN HARMONY sound-empowerment services and techniques …  are designed to support your system—mind/body/spirit—in strengthening your “inner healer,” clear unwanted habits, and inspire the conscious expansion of living in love.


BEING IN HARMONY SESSIONS HELP RESOLVE TINNITUS & STRESS RELIEF ISSUES. Go to http://beinginharmony.us/tinnitus-stress-relief for more information.



  1. Release the past and energize your desired future (live & recorded flute, voice, harp)
  2. Relax and receive insight via energetic frequencies (harmonizing techniques)
  3. Learn how to tap into your “inner healer” (beginning & advanced self-care)
  4. Receive Foundational and Targeted attunements (click here for more info about attunements)





  • Sessions are 30 minutes long.
  • The fee is $45 per session.
  • An initial series of three sessions is recommended.
  • Location is near W. Stadium and W. Liberty streets in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • To book sessions:
    • Email Info@LaurelEmrys.com
    • Call (734) 276-4675




By definition, accessing the creative power of sound is many things to many people. Here’s how I work with this amazingly productive and enlightening discipline. This is a summary, so if you don’t read anything else on the site, read this and you’ll have a better idea of what Being In Harmony is all about…


First of all, being in harmony, per se is a dynamic state of being where your mind, body and energy systems are in harmonious balance at the level of brainwave function. Your brainwave patterns set the scene for all the other aspects of your life either working as well as possible, or not so great.


In the Being In Harmony private sessions, group programs and recordings I’ve created the essence of what I share with you is my expertise at working with frequency, tuning and resonance to bring any system—including your own—into harmonious balance. when a system is in balance, it can function at it’s optimal level. I achieve this state by utilizing a series of cutting-edge techniques that are unique to my work, and that are based on the art and science of empowerment by harnessing the creative aspect of sound.


In my experience, both approaches together are the key to activating effective, efficient, long-term resolution of our physical and emotional issues (such as pain, insomnia, weight loss, addictions, chronic fatigue, depression, trauma, etc.). I invoke the art of creative sound-empowerment by performing and creating recordings that impart specially-designed music (flute, harp, piano, voice) which contains elements to promote enhanced wellness though its rhythms, tonal center, timbre, and overtones. I invoke the art and physics of sound by offering private and group sessions where I offer vibrationally-charged energy work that, literally, is designed to bring the system into tune with itself, with others, and with the Cosmos. It is my mastery as a professional piano tuner, recording engineer, Qigong practitioner, and highly sensitive person that allows me to bring through this quality of attunement.


The reports I get from clients (I’ve done over 80 sessions in the last few months) is that people experience their issues resolving—often surprisingly quickly, over and over again. People end up feeling very relaxed and enjoying their sessions too. I love this work; feel like this is what I was born to do. And thus, I invite you to consider addressing the physical and emotional issues that are causing you discomfort by coming in for a session, and let’s see what we can do together to bring you relief and greater ease in your life!

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Discovering Your Personal Connection with Creative, Empowered Sound


Being In Harmony is a wellness art form based on the physics of sound and a devotion to personal evolution. Developed by Laurel Emrys, it’s purpose is to ignite your natural ability for self-care through relaxing the body/mind and expanding your consciousness of love. Brainwave-shifting elements are built into the system, in order to help you resolve issues at a core level. Participants have found Being In Harmony to be a deeply enjoyable and valuable experience.


A unique feature of the modality is the innovation of Full-Frequency Harmonics™. This is a recorded technology that provides the full range of frequencies necessary to attune the human system to optimum resonance—that which fully engages mind, body and spirit so that you can take your next fulfilling step forward in life. By listening to the evocative Full-Frequency Harmonics recording, a clearing takes place that releases unwanted thoughts, helps re-evaluate experiences, and inspires greater connection with indwelling wisdom. Many enjoy singing along with the overtone-rich keynotes.


All life is vibratory in nature. The key to Being In Harmony is having a personal relationship with each frequency, so that you can attune yourself to resonance. Let’s take a closer look at what that means.


Frequencies, or musical notes, are wave forms that vibrate at differing rates, giving rise to the full range of the Western musical scale (which has twelve notes). At their core, frequencies are the vibrational building blocks of everything, including your body, mind and energy system. To have a personal relationship with frequency—to be intimate with the vibrational manifestations that surround you, permeate you, and radiate from you as YOU—is to become aware of how intensely pleasurable it can be to see, hear and feel life force energy moving through you.


It’s easier than you think; in fact, you are already doing it. In your own unique way, you are continually sensing what is going on around and within. It could be said that consciousness (being aware that you are aware) is the extent to which you perceive the vibrational quality of love that exists in your life right now.


While pain may be inevitable, suffering is optional. Full-spectrum vibrational awareness bestows the blessing of resolving longstanding emotional issues, because in sensing all the frequencies it becomes obvious, at a gut level, that nothing you feel is wrong or bad. All frequencies are equally and uniquely beautiful. This frees you to open your heart and let your emotions flow, ending denial, resistance and disconnection from source. In other words, as letting go of uncomfortable feelings restores your willingness to be conscious of it all, you become reconnected to it all—to the light and sound of love. This is true self-compassion, and every single one of us can do it spectacularly.


Self-care is about taking full responsibility for learning how to inhabit your own system, through becoming masterful at engaging life, adjusting to life and being evolved by life. As you cultivate an intimate relationship with vibrational love, this becomes increasingly easy to do. Doing so allows you to enjoy the next stage of a delightfully intimate relationship with the creative aspects of sound: tuning, attunement, being tuned.


In Being In Harmony, tuning is the movement through time and space toward inner refinement—adjustment accomplished with an exquisitely gentle touch, so it feels really good. No kidding. If it doesn’t feel good, you won’t do it—that’s self-healing feeling. Nor should you. Awakening to vibrational intimacy is a journey of passion and pleasure; you are being filled, to the core, with love. Tuning is the art and science of progressing, step by sensitive step, in the direction of your visions, while letting go of the past because it is no longer what’s true for you.


Having a personal relationship with frequency allows you to attune yourself to resonance. This is the “cosmic crowbar” so many of us have been asking for. You can, literally, dissolve pain and let go of suffering. Blockages open up and reconnection becomes vibrantly effortless. All that is longing to be reclaimed within you is vibrated into place, into a place of love within your heart. As you are conscious of tuning-in to each frequency to feel its unique essence, your inner core is activated to vibrate its matching essence through you. You are healing yourself with your Self. Each note is an oppor-tune-ity, doing its part to nurture, realign and inspire.


The reward for being willing and able to attune yourself to the entire band of life frequencies is resonance. Truly, you become lit up from within. Being fully resonant invokes within you the freedom to be who you are. The quality of resonance is one of wholeness—another key to self-healing. Your authentic Self can only fully express through the resonance of wholeness. Welcome to the new paradigm that we are all ushering into the world at this time…


When you resonate in tune with all that you are, you know it. It feels wonderful. You pop into a dimension that you may have never before given yourself permission to experience for more than a few seconds at a time. Resonance, by its inherent completeness, is a state which sustains the adventure of feeling good. Now you can joyously inhabit yourself and get the job done.


As your self-attunement skills increase, you become able to modulate your own system. You discover how to readjust areas that are over-stimulated (constricted, painful) as well as areas that are under-stimulated (numb, unconscious) so that they become a fluid, spacious continuum in harmonious balance. As this glorious process reveals itself, your resonant core grows brighter, stronger, more vital with every passing breath.


Something miraculous happens. Resonance—that feeling of fusionic goose-bumping—overtakes you the moment you surrender to its shining, scintillating touch. The harmonic overtone system which arises from the wellspring of sacred sound is enriching beyond all perception, full to overflowing in penetrating frequencies that long to reunite within your being. You may be surprised by what bliss feels like as you experience Being In Harmony.


… And all you need to do is relax and let yourself love, and be loved by, the self-empowerment gifts of sound: frequency, tuning and resonance.



DISCLAIMER: Being In Harmony sessions, events, and materials do not diagnose or treat any condition or perform any other medical or psychological function. They are for educational and entertainment purposes only. For medical or psychological assistance, consult a qualified doctor or practitioner. Laurel Emrys accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information from use of any Being In Harmony offerings.